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The Letterbox Project

The letterbox project is our flagship program. It is a national pen pal program fostering connection and community, with handwritten letters being sent across Australia to people feeling isolated and disconnected.

Our Letterbox Project is the only national program with management and safety embedded. We do not share any identifiable information, and all letters are vetted by our team. Every single letter for the duration of the pen pal communication is sent through our team and approved, allowing relationships and connection to thrive while ensuring everyone in our community is safe. 

In the digital age, a handwritten letter is a beautiful reminder of the power of real connection. Something seemingly simple can have a profound and lasting impact - for both the recipient and the writer. Every letter makes a difference.

Scroll down and select what type of pen pal you are (individual or group) and then sign up today to find connection and meaning. 

What is The Letterbox Project?

Take a look at the impact this project is making to the lives of Australians

Everyone is welcome to become a penpal with Connected AU. Individuals, families, schools, community groups and businesses. There is no age limit and we welcome people from all walks of life.

Unlike other pen pal programs, we manage all communication in the Letter Box Project to ensure the safety and security of all our penpals. We follow strict privacy policies and procedures. No personal, identifiable information is ever shared and each letter is approved by our team before being sent to the recipient.

Yes, it sure is more work this way. But we know it makes a safer, stronger program for everyone involved.

If you are an individual or family and would like join the program click the button below. 

Individuals & Families

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This includes schools, businesses, care facilities (Nursing & Disability) & community organisations.

Click the button below to register your group to participate in The Letterbox Project. Your group will be allocated a group of penpals to write to! If you have any specific requests regarding the types of penpals you would like please include these details in the form. 

We do not have a limit on the number of people in your writing group. We have had care facilities and schools regularly sign up over 400 individuals at a time so please feel free to include as many participants as as interested. 

Groups of writers

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Schools, Businesses, Aged Care & Disability Facilities & all other groups of writers. 

We are thrilled to announce Tetley Tea as our major partner for 2021.

Tetley Tea has been bringing warm and comforting tea blends to the world since 1837 when the Tetley Brothers began trading tea in the United Kingdom. Now the second largest manufacturer of tea in the world, with tea enjoyed in around 40 countries. Tetley strives towards creating not only the perfect brew, but also a sustainable environment and better lives for all.

“The Letterbox Project connects those who might be lonely or isolated, and provides them with a conversation and kinship, something we think is so important and pairs perfectly with a cup of tea. We can't wait to spread the word about this amazing initiative and see what this partnership between Tetley Australia and The Letterbox Project will bring,” Kleanthis Mantzouranis - Senior Brand Manager.

Our major supporter Tetley Tea 

1. Letter Writing BOX ~ Hallmark & Connected AU

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We are thrilled to bring you these beautiful kits designed collaboratively by Connected AU and Hallmark, all for the love of letters. Designed to help you spread joy and happiness through connection. 

Our happy stationery box celebrates the joy and happiness that letter writing brings. Inside you will find a vibrant selection of high quality A5 paper, envelopes, a white-ink gel pen to bring your words to life over colour and a premium deep blue Ideas notebook. 

This gift will send someone you love a piece of joy every day in December. 

We will send 31 beautifully curated graphics with positive quotes and heartfelt messages, via text message every day at 7am for the month of December. 





Click here to read our frequently asked questions. If you still need more information please dont hesitate to contact our team. 


Since launching in early 2020, the Letterbox Project has grown into a national service connecting tens of thousands of people.

We’re continually humbled and amazed by the support we’ve received from our letter writers who want to make difference. A handwritten letter takes time, thought and care - a beautiful gift that helps someone feel visible, valued and connected.

We now have over 15,000 writers. On average, more than 500 letters are being sent each week to people in nursing homes, disability services and lonely, isolated people across Australia

There are over 270 schools participating and more than 25 large corporations are participating

Our impact so far


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The Letterbox Project

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