Reconnecting with the magic of handwritten letters.

One simple idea. Thousands of beautiful connections.

“It makes me feel like I’m not forgotten,” Beverley H, letter recipient.

The Letterbox Project

The letterbox project is Connected AU’s flagship offering that coordinates the delivery of handwritten letters from the wider community to people experiencing isolation and loneliness.

In the digital age, a handwritten letter is a beautiful reminder of the power of real connection. Something seemingly simple can have a profound and lasting impact - for both the recipient and the writer.

Every letter makes a difference.

Watch this video to see the impact our letters are having on people across the country

“From smudged ink and hand-addressed envelopes to the time taken to write, share and connect … a letter is always personal. It tells someone that they matter.

The Letterbox Project is free and we’re committed to ensuring that it remains a free, accessible program for all.


Everyone is welcome to become a writer with Connected AU. Individuals, families, schools, community groups, businesses. There is no age limit and we welcome people from all walks of life.


Would you love to receive a letter or know someone who would? Choose to receive one letter, multiple or establish a pen-pal. You can self-register, register on behalf of an individual or register a facility.

How is it different?

Unlike pen pal programs, Connected AU manages the Letter Box project to ensure the safety and security of all participants. We follow strict privacy policies and procedures. No personal, identifiable information is ever shared and each letter is approved by our team before being sent to the recipient.

Yes, it sure is more work this way. But we know it makes a safer, stronger program for everyone involved.

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Creating connection, one letter at a time.

Since launching in early 2020, the Letterbox Project has grown into a national service connecting tens of thousands of people.

We’re continually humbled and amazed by the support we’ve received from our letter writers who want to make difference. A handwritten letter takes time, thought and care - a beautiful gift that helps someone feel visible, valued and connected.

  • We now have over 15,000 writers
  • On average, more than 500 letters are being sent each week to people in nursing homes, disability services and lonely, isolated people across Australia
  • There are over 270 schools participating and more than 25 large corporations are participating
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