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1. Letter Writing BOX ~ Hallmark & Connected AU

2. Sending joy every day of December


$45.00 AUD

$23.00 AUD

$35.00 AUD

We are thrilled to bring you these beautiful kits designed collaboratively by Connected AU and Hallmark, all for the love of letters. Designed to help you spread joy and happiness through connection. 

Our happy stationery box celebrates the joy and happiness that letter writing brings. Inside you will find a vibrant selection of high quality A5 paper, envelopes, a white-ink gel pen to bring your words to life over colour and a premium deep blue Ideas notebook. 

This gift will send someone you love a piece of joy every day in December. 

We will send 31 beautifully curated graphics with positive quotes and heartfelt messages, via text message every day at 7am for the month of December. 




Connected AU is a purpose led business on a mission to help people feel seen, valued and connected. We delivers meaningful programs designed to create real connection. 

Loneliness is indiscriminate, everyone feels it as some point in their life, so it was important to us to develop programs for all demographics. Our Letterbox Project is a tangible way to connect for all ages, but we have a particular focus on supporting senior Australians, people with disabilities and chronic health conditions. Our Online Hobby Groups are open for all ages, but were developed to be more inclusive for a younger demographic (18 - 75).

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