Research has found a high level of school and community connectedness is one of the most important protective factors for current and future mental wellbeing and positive adolescent development. 

We provide two options for schools to get involved, both are a. brilliant way to teach children about community, and get them involved in volunteering at an early age.

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School Program

A volunteer program  that creates real community impact and innovative learning for students. The Letterbox Project is a volunteer program where students and staff revisit the art of handwritten letters by building ties with their community.

Students write letters to aged care facilities, disability facilities and other schools.

This is an invaluable way of teaching children about connection and mental wellbeing, breaking down stereotypes and fostering intergenerational connection. 

1. Volunteer Activity 
The Letterbox Project

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We deliver our Education Program to schools nationally through online and in-person presentations and workshops, facilitating connectedness of students to themselves, their schools, and their communities . 

We are committed to delivering interactive programs fostering connectedness, resilience and recovery capabilities of youth to improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes. We believe that societal change begins with our youth, and we are driven to equip students with the knowledge and capabilities to lead healthy, connected lives in their communities. 

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2. Education Program
Workshops & Presentations

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