The letterbox project is our flagship program. It is a national pen pal program fostering connection and community, with handwritten letters being sent across Australia to people feeling isolated and disconnected. Our Letterbox Project is the only national program with management and safety embedded. We do not share any identifiable information, and all letters are vetted by our team. 

  • Over 500 letters sent each week (vetted by our team)
  • Over 65,000 letters sent over the last two years
  • Over 25,000 individuals registered to write
  • Over 451 schools and businesses writing

Download the brochure below to find out exactly how the project works for schools and students, or contact us by clicking the button below for an easy onboard. 

An administration fee of $500 applies, per school (less than $40 per month!). This enables unlimited classes and students within a school to participate unlimited times for a 12 month period.  This also includes resources including a certificate of appreciation and marketing material for use in your community. 


School  Program

Research has found a high level of school and community connectedness is one of the most important protective factors for current and future mental wellbeing and positive adolescent development. 

We provide two options for schools to get involved, both are a. brilliant way to teach children about community, and get them involved in volunteering at an early age. 

Option 1 - The Letterbox  Project

Sign up to this volunteer opportunity called The Letterbox Project where students and staff revisit the art of handwritten letters by building ties with their community. Students write letters to aged care facilities, disability facilities and other schools.

This is an invaluable way of teaching children about connection and mental wellbeing, breaking down stereotypes and fostering intergenerational connection. 

How it works

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Option 2 - Education Program

We deliver our Education Program to schools nationally through online and in-person presentations and workshops, facilitating connectedness of students to themselves, their schools, and their communities . 

The program involves in-person presentations, learning materials and resources and the opportunity to volunteer. 

Download the brochure or scroll down for more information. 



Download our Education Program brochure now for more information. 


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What we do

We are committed to delivering interactive programs fostering connectedness, resilience and recovery capabilities of youth to improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes. We believe that societal change begins with our youth, and we are driven to equip students with the knowledge and capabilities to lead healthy, connected lives in their communities. 

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We deliver two tailored interactive and engaging presentations - 1x Primary School presentation and 1x Secondary School presentation. Duration 1 hour.


Following the presentations we provide stage-based resources to staff to support their students and continue learnings.


On completion of the program students and staff are provided the opportunity to participate in our volunteer program, The Letterbox Project.

Mea Campbell

Cate Whiteley

Mea is an ex-lawyer, writer, mother, and the founder of Connected AU ,a purpose-led business specialising in connection. Inspired by her lategrandfather, Mea established Connected AU in early 2020 and her ideahas grown from humble beginnings to one impacting tens ofthousands of people. She leads a small but skilled team deliveringprograms across Australia and is committed to changing thelandscape of loneliness in this country. Utilising her skills incommunication, conflict resolution and youth justice, Mea delivers ourEducation Program with passion and is motivated to make a positiveimpact in the lives young Australians.

A passion for improved mental health and well-being, coupled with adesire to develop robust, self-sustaining rural and regional communitiesinforms Cate’s work with Connected AU, Lifeline, NSW Health and her-post-grad studies. Married with two adult daughters, a mixed farmingenterprise in Central West NSW, is where Cate calls home and is thebase from which she does her outreach work supporting communities,groups and individuals. Effective collaboration and respectful cross-cultural working relationships, combined with empathy and a friendlyopen communication style support Cate’s approach to deliveringpsychoeducational content to schools, community groups, governmentorganisations and small and large corporations. With ‘can do’ optimism,Cate enjoys rolling up her sleeves and collaborating with others to helpshare knowledge, build capacity and support improved outcomes.


Connected AU is a purpose led business specialising in connection, with a mission to ensure that everybody in Australia feels visible, valued and connected. We are based in Dubbo NSW and deliver a range of programs nationally to a broad range of demographics.


Download our Education Program brochure now for more information. 


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