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Do you remember the magic of handwritten mail?! Our Letterbox Project is a unique pen-pal program supporting people who are feeling isolated, lonely or looking for connection. We have strict safety and management processes, we don't share identifiable information and all letters are vetted through our team. Join over 35,000 people, hundreds of schools and corporations enjoying connection across Australia. 

Whether you love books, gardening, cooking or just socialising, you will find your community inside one of our online clubs.  Fun, inclusive and safe groups that you can access from your home, anywhere in the country. Filled with people of all ages, from all over the country, the clubs are easy to join and are perfect for anyone wanting joy and connection in their life. 

We see the power of giving every day, of incredible people supporting others through words, clubs, and through gifts. We have carefully curated a selection of gifts purposefully designed to help you create connection in your life. 

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our special guests

We are lucky to have the support of some incredible people, take a look at a few of the wonderful people in our community. 

I am a young mum to three busy toddlers, I live in a fairly isolated area and was searching for some sort of connection and fun. I found it!

I love the members area, the recipes everyone shares and the group chat, but the highlight is obviously the monthly virtual catchup. I didn't realise how fun it would be to log in and cook with other people all across Australia, and the special guests are the best!”

Emma 36 WA

Joining the cooking club has been one of the best decisions I have made all year.

Maxine 54

My son suggested I join and I am so glad he did. The book each month is interesting and varied, the conversation throughout the month in the group chat is lively and motivating, and the meeting is so refreshing.

The last Friday night of the month is when the monthly meeting is held on Zoom and it is now clearly marked on my calendar and I look forward to it for weeks. ”

“I have found a great deal of excitement and fun in this Book Club. 

Elizabeth 76

I  want to pass on a sincere thank you, you have made an old woman very happy and renewed my faith in human nature. 

I have received 2 letters from the Letterbox Project. It is heartwarming to know that someone cared enough to take time, and care, to write to me.



1. Letter Writing BOX ~ Hallmark & Connected AU

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