because everyone deserves connection, community and companionship


We help minimise the impact of isolation and loneliness with human-centred programs that create real connection.

How can I connect?

The Letterbox Project - I would like to write or receive letters
Hobby Groups - I would like to join a virtual community group


"I get a sense of belonging from the groups. I joined the book club and social club because I was feeling disconnected and alone. I love reading books, but over the past few years I had stopped reading altogether.

The clubs fit well into my comfort zone, the monthly meetings and beautifully crafted newsletters are something I eagerly wait for. I feel that for the first time in a long time, I have something to look forward to"

Lopa, 26. 

What we do

We’re Connected AU, a purpose led organisation committed to reducing isolation and loneliness in vulnerable populations. Our mission is to ensure everybody in our community feels visible, valued and connected.

How do we do it? Through two simple yet impactful programs:

Letterbox Project - We coordinate the exchange of handwritten letters between the wider community and people experiencing isolation and loneliness. The Letterbox Project is the only program of its kind that creates real, meaningful connection combined with safety, security and management.

Hobby Groups - Safe and welcoming online spaces where people enjoy engagement and connection from the comfort of their own home. Our hobby groups provide a community for people who feel isolated and lonely, away from social media.

We know there are good people in the world who want to help those experiencing isolation and loneliness. Often, the only barrier is the how. At Connected AU our role is simple. Inspired by the generosity of everyday people, we facilitate the how by creating safe, secure and meaningful ways for people to connect. 

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Letter and photos of garden with packet of seeds sent to one of our recipients

Did you know

Did you know that loneliness is an equal risk factor for mortality as smoking and obesity? It’s also linked to multiple chronic conditions including heart disease, lung disease, CV disease and metabolic disease. Loneliness is also linked to depression and anxiety.

Who we are

Hi there, I'm Mea. Founder of Connected AU

Inspired by my late grandfather and moved to action by the sobering statistics on loneliness in Australia, I launched Connected AU in early 2020.

Connected AU has grown rapidly from our humble beggnings to a purpose-led organisation that is making a real, measurable impact.

The uptake of our services and support for Connected AU is reflective of a need in our community for real connection. Together, with our passionate and dedicated team, Connected AU has a big vision for the future - to help everyone feel visible, valuable and connected.

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"A new lease on life"

"“This has given him a new focus, new excitement and motivation. He loves monitoring for the mail, waiting for his letters, and he spends so much time thinking about and planning his replies. It’s given him connection that we didn’t know how to give him outside our family.”

The letterbox project, proudly supported by Tetley Tea

Our major supporter, Tetley Tea

We are thrilled to announce Tetley Tea as our major partner for 2021.

Tetley Tea has been bringing warm and comforting tea blends to the world since 1837 when the Tetley Brothers began trading tea in the United Kingdom. Now the second largest manufacturer of tea in the world, with tea enjoyed in around 40 countries. Tetley strives towards creating not merely the perfect brew but also a sustainable environment and better lives for all.

Tetley is one of the founding members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, committed to improving the conditions of farmers growing our tea around the world. Tetley is also part of the Rainforest Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation that aims at conserving the biodiversity and ensuring a sustainable livelihood.

Tetley has generously supported our Letterbox Project for 2021, enabling us to continue to provide this as a free service to people across Australia. Read more about Tetley and our partnership below.

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