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Our Letterbox Project arranges handwritten letters from the community to people feeling isolated and lonely. It is a unique pen-pal program because of our safety and management, we don't share identifiable information and all letters are vetted through our team.

In this digital age, a handwritten letter is a beautiful reminder of the power of real connection. Something seemingly so simple can have a profound and lasting impact, for the recipient and the writer.

The Letterbox Project is the only program of its kind that creates real, meaningful connection combined with safety, security and management. 

If you are feeling lonely, or you know someone who is, whether it is your neighbour, sister, mother or grandparents, tell them about our Letterbox Project. Point them in our direction and help them register to receive a letter. it is life changing. 

The Letterbox Project

Proudly supported by Tetley Tea

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Our online hobby groups are just like traditional hobby groups. You make friends, enjoy themes and topics, group chats and monthly events and the best part is that they are entirely online so people anywhere in Australia can join. 

We have a Book Club, Cooking Club, Garden Club and Social Club. 

Each group has a private members area, weekly newsletters, interactive group chat, lots of resources and an end-of-month event to meet virtually and enjoy connection. 

Imagine logging on to your book club event at 7:30pm on a Friday night with a wine or coffee from your lounge, discussing the latest monthly book, even better when you have authors like Samatha Wills popping in as a special guest.

Or how does our cooking club sound, with monthly themes like ‘Italian Cooking, The Best of The Best Meat Pies, and Sweet Treats!”. Not a course or workshop, just a bunch of people who love food and want inspiration and community. You needn't be alone in the kitchen - come and cook with us! In the monthly event members log in to cook with each other and special guests like Anneka Manning & Sophie Hansen, so you'll learn the tricks of the trade from the best. 

Online Hobby Groups

Grow, read, cook your way to happiness. 

“Joining the Cooking Club has been one of the best decisions I have made all year. I am a young mum to three busy toddlers, I live in a fairly isolated area and was searching for some sort of connection and fun. I found it!

I love the members area, the recipes everyone shares and the group chat, but the highlight is obviously the monthly virtual catchup. I didn't realise how fun it would be to log in and cook with other people all across Australia, and the special guests are the best!”

Emma 36 WA

Maxine 54

“I have found a great deal of excitement and fun in this Book Club. My son suggested I join and I am so glad he did. The book each month is interesting and varied, the conversation throughout the month in the group chat is lively and motivating, and the meeting is so refreshing.

The last Friday night of the month is when the monthly meeting is held on Zoom and it is now clearly marked on my calendar and I look forward to it for weeks. ”

Elizabeth 76

"I have received 2 letters from the Letterbox Project. It is heartwarming to know that someone cared enough to take time, and care, to write to me. 

I want to pass on a sincere thank you, you have made an old woman very happy and renewed my faith in human nature. 


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Founder of Connected AU, lawyer, writer and mother. Inspired by my late grandfather and moved to action by the sobering statistics on loneliness in Australia, I launched Connected AU in early 2020.

Connected AU has grown rapidly from our humble beginnings to a purpose-led business that is making a real, measurable impact. Together with my wonderful team, we deliver programs designed to provide connection, fun and friendship to people anywhere in Australia. 

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If you would like to join one of our programs but need a little extra help or advice you can contact us at any time. 

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We are thrilled to announce Tetley Tea as our major partner for 2021.

Tetley Tea has been bringing warm and comforting tea blends to the world since 1837 when the Tetley Brothers began trading tea in the United Kingdom. Now the second largest manufacturer of tea in the world, with tea enjoyed in around 40 countries. Tetley strives towards creating not only the perfect brew, but also a sustainable environment and better lives for all.

“The Letterbox Project connects those who might be lonely or isolated, and provides them with a conversation and kinship, something we think is so important and pairs perfectly with a cup of tea. We can't wait to spread the word about this amazing initiative and see what this partnership between Tetley Australia and The Letterbox Project will bring,” Kleanthis Mantzouranis - Senior Brand Manager.

Our major supporter Tetley Tea