The letterbox project is our flagship program. It is a national pen pal program fostering connection and community, with handwritten letters being sent across Australia to people feeling isolated and disconnected. Our Letterbox Project is the only national program with management and safety embedded. We do not share any identifiable information, and all letters are vetted by our team. 

  • Over 500 letters sent each week (vetted by our team)
  • Over 65,000 letters sent over the last two years
  • Over 25,000 individuals registered to write
  • Over 451 schools and businesses writing

For group participation get in contact with our team who will help create a brilliant corporate volunteering experience. 

Individual Volunteering

Corporate Program 

We have developed an innovative program for businesses looking to make an impact in the community by volunteering, while also developing personal wellbeing and connectedness for their staff.

With three programs on offer, your participation can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your business.

Option 1 - Volunteering Activity

This program provides businesses with an exciting, innovative and easily accessible volunteering activity. The program delivers real community impact, fosters intergeneration connection, the breaking down of stereotypes and develops personal character. 

Businesses can participate as a group for volunteering outcomes, or staff can participate individually throughout the year.  

The Letterbox Project

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Group VOlunteering

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Option 2 - Education 

This option includes access to tailored Corporate Training Workshops. These workshops create, facilitate and implement highly engaging in-person and online wellbeing and connectivity workshops for small to large workplaces, community organisations and schools. 

The Workshops can cover a range of topics and areas tailored to individual organisational needs, including:

Mental Health & Wellbeing
Team Building

Workshop length, focus and participation can be tailored to unique needs, however our standard workshop is:

Workshop Length: 3 hours
Participants: Maximum 20
Fee: $3,500 per workshop (packages available

Workshop  Overview


Overview: Small-group workshopping (maximum 20 participants) beginning with executive teams, followed by leadership teams with the option of continuing support through organisation chains.  

Objective: To support organisations navigating a post-covid environment - increased mental health issues, disconnection within organisations, and disconnection with community. Our workshops combine psychoeducation with activity based learning and opportunities, designed to increase connectedness within teams and organisations.  

Outcomes: Support organisations to meet their strategic outcomes for community and culture - staff wellbeing, community service.   

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Psychoeducational and activiity based mental health and wellbeing exploring connectedness as a foundational element of personal health.  


Psychodeucational and activity based connectedness workshopping exploring connection to:

  • self;
  • community;
  • workplace;
  • team members

Strategies/Healthy Practices

Psychoeducational and activity based exploration of strategies and best practices for developing, sustaining and growing connectedness in 4 key areas. 
team members


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Explore CLUbs

Option 3 - Staff Wellbeing and connectedness

Explore our range of online clubs to enjoy connection, community and companionship.

Our Online Clubs are designed for people looking for safe and positive connection online, away from social media. The Clubs are inclusive, managed and exciting online communities where people enjoy engagement and community from the comfort of their own home or workplace. 

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Garden Club

Book Club

Cooking Club

Social Club

Mea Campbell

Cate Whiteley

Mea is an ex-lawyer, writer, mother, and the founder of Connected AU ,a purpose-led business specialising in connection. Inspired by her lategrandfather, Mea established Connected AU in early 2020 and her ideahas grown from humble beginnings to one impacting tens ofthousands of people. She leads a small but skilled team deliveringprograms across Australia and is committed to changing thelandscape of loneliness in this country. Utilising her skills incommunication, conflict resolution and youth justice, Mea delivers ourEducation Program with passion and is motivated to make a positiveimpact in the lives young Australians.

A passion for improved mental health and well-being, coupled with adesire to develop robust, self-sustaining rural and regional communitiesinforms Cate’s work with Connected AU, Lifeline, NSW Health and her-post-grad studies. Married with two adult daughters, a mixed farmingenterprise in Central West NSW, is where Cate calls home and is thebase from which she does her outreach work supporting communities,groups and individuals. Effective collaboration and respectful cross-cultural working relationships, combined with empathy and a friendlyopen communication style support Cate’s approach to deliveringpsychoeducational content to schools, community groups, governmentorganisations and small and large corporations. With ‘can do’ optimism,Cate enjoys rolling up her sleeves and collaborating with others to helpshare knowledge, build capacity and support improved outcomes.


Connected AU is a purpose led business specialising in connection, with a mission to ensure that everybody in Australia feels visible, valued and connected. We are based in Dubbo NSW and deliver a range of programs nationally to a broad range of demographics.


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