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This is a place for us to share all of the things we love with our community. Whether it be a great service, business, mindset challenge, joke or funny story. Anything and everything that will improve our communities lives.

We promise that everything we share here will be something we think will improve and bring JOY into our community and all our lives.

If you have a business/service or recommendation or tip for us about something that will help our community, send it through to support@connectedau.com.au.

Several months ago, there was a lot of talk around the experience of languishing, I did a social media post on it and the concept was popping up everywhere in mainstream media. Languishing was given as the name for the ‘blah’ feeling so many of us seemed to be experiencing in 2020/2021. A New York […]

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September 10, 2021

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Connected AU is a purpose led business on a mission to help people feel seen, valued and connected. We delivers meaningful programs designed to create real connection. 

Loneliness is indiscriminate, everyone feels it as some point in their life, so it was important to us to develop programs for all demographics. Our Letterbox Project is a tangible way to connect for all ages, but we have a particular focus on supporting senior Australians, people with disabilities and chronic health conditions. Our Online Hobby Groups are open for all ages, but were developed to be more inclusive for a younger demographic (18 - 75).

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