Gift a Hobby Group Membership

This gift voucher provides a yearly membership to one of our Hobby Groups. The recipient of your Gift Voucher will be able to choose which of our 4 hobby groups they join.

What an incredible way to show someone you care about them!

How it works

  1. Complete the form and process payment for the Gift Voucher. $160.00 for the yearly membership. 
  2. A confirmation screen will let you know the payment has been successful.
  3. The recipient of your Gift Voucher will receive a Gift Voucher email letting them know about your wonderful gift.
  4. We help your Gift Voucher recipient set up a personalised membership account.
  5. You will receive an email confirming that your Gift Voucher recipient has set up their membership account and has been welcomed into the club! 

NOTE: We recommend that you let the recipient of your Gift Voucher know about this wonderful gift. Some people may not click on an email if they did not order something, and they may think it is suspicious. The best way is to call or text them and let them know about the gift. They can then eagerly watch their inbox!

You can contact our team on 0481 139 332 or email if you have any queries or would like to speak with one of our team.