Online Social Club

The perfect antidote to feeling a little isolated or lonely. 

Whether you share a courtyard with your nearest neighbour, or a distance that spans for miles, our Social Club is a place to find connection, community and friendship. 

Every Thursday afternoon members can choose to log in to a virtual coffee catchup, and at the end of every month the club meets to connect and chat about the month, share funny stories, laugh at new ventures and offer virtual support.

It’s a place of belonging and it’s always open and hopeful for new members who could look and sound just like you. 

Feel part of this positive, inclusive community from the comfort of your own home. 

A virtual coffee catchup every Thursday afternoon and an end-of-month Friday night meeting. 

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Every week we have a virtual coffee catch-up. whether you are a new mum finding it hard to get out the door to socialise, or a retiree who has lost touch with close friends, consider this your weekly coffee date. 

The coffee catch-up is hosted every Thursday afternoon, member's can pop in for 5 minutes or get comfortable and chat to us for the hour. It is a fun, engaging and consistent way to have social connection.

Coffee Catchups 

This club is designed to be a safe, fun and positive online community for anyone feeling isolated, disconnected, lonely, or anyone who wants a little extra JOY in their life.

The club is a relaxed, casual and safe way for people from all over Australia to find connection and community in a convenient way

With virtual coffee catch ups, end of month meetings, newsletters and resources, there is something for everyone.

How does our social club work?

Our social club is hosted on our safe national platform providing members with a safe and secure way to find connection and community.  

The centre of the club is our beautifully curated private members area. Inside this area we host the group chat and share resources, recommendations, engagement, entertainment and fun for each new month.  

We post details about our special guests, share resources in advance of the meetings, and provide members with a beautiful, engaging space to feel connected and content. 

Members Area

On the last Friday night of the month we host our monthly meeting.

Members from across the country log on to have a fun social club event. 

The meeting is fun and entertaining, sharing laughs and banter with others and enjoying real, safe connection. 

Monthly meeting

Connected AU is an established national brand creating social impact in our Letterbox Project, in this we are lucky to enjoy wonderful relationships with  incredible Australian figures. 

Every few months we invite some of these incredible people to be special guests into our monthly meeting. We make sure to limit this so we don't disrupt the comfortable social club gathering where members feel free to engage, but when we do invite them in it is always a huge hit!

The guests log on to the meeting and spend the hour with us, chatting and connecting. It is a real lift to spend the day at these events!

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