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You want to feel like you’re part of a community, to feel a sense of belonging and like you’re part of something. Maybe you just want to meet others and share a common interest. Perhaps you want to learn something new. Most of all, you just want to feel connected to other people again.

If you’ve got access to the internet but aren’t comfortable using social media to connect and communicate with others, we understand. It’s not for everyone.That’s why we’re passionate about creating online spaces that are welcoming, engaging and safe.

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Reconnecting with the magic of handwritten letters.

The letterbox project is Connected AU’s flagship offering that coordinates the delivery of handwritten letters from the wider community to people experiencing isolation and loneliness.

In the digital age, a handwritten letter is a beautiful reminder of the power of real connection. Something seemingly simple can have a profound and lasting impact - for both the recipient and the writer.

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