Our School Volunteer Program provides a remote volunteering opportunity for schools, creating real community impact and real-world learning for students. 

Students and staff participate in our Letterbox Project and  revisit the art of handwritten letters by building ties with their community. Students write letters to aged care facilities, disability facilities and other schools.

The program is an invaluable way of teaching children about connection and mental wellbeing, breaking down stereotypes and fostering intergenerational connection. 

School Volunteer Program 

The letterbox project is our flagship program. It is a national pen pal program fostering connection and community, with handwritten letters being sent across Australia to people feeling isolated and disconnected. Our Letterbox Project is the only national program with management and safety embedded. We do not share any identifiable information, and all letters are vetted by our team. 

  • Over 500 letters sent each week (vetted by our team)
  • Over 65,000 letters sent over the last two years
  • Over 25,000 individuals registered to write
  • Over 451 schools and businesses writing

What isThe Letterbox Project?

Benefits for students

Participating in the Letterbox Project offers enormous benefit to students, encouraging our young community members to consider their wider community, and the vulnerable people in it. Writing letters exposes students to the issues of isolation and loneliness, gives them an awareness of vulnerable populations, and teaches them that we can all make a difference in our community. It also invites students to discover the art of handwritten letters, a life-long skill.

Safety is our paramount concern and we have strict privacy policies and procedures.

  • We do not share any identifiable personal information. 
  • We do not share the name or address of your school, only general information. For example “writers are part of a year 2 class located in QLD.”
  • Recipients are able to respond to your letters if they wish or have capacity, many will not. 
  • Letters will always be sent to our team for approval to ensure the safety of both writers and recipients.


Click here to see the real life impact the project is making for the community. 



How does it work?

Signing up to our School Program provides unlimited participation to the Letterbox Project for all staff/students for the year.

Participation can be flexible and tailored, and the process to write each time is very simple. You can elect to write to other schools aged care facilities, or both! Students/classes can write multiple times at once, and can request changes throughout the year.

  • Letters to an aged care facility (not always likely to receive a reply). 
  • Letters to another school (highly likely to reply and develop ongoing communication).

For example you might register:

1. Year 6 (32 students) would like to write to another year 6 class in another state;
2. Year 9 (28 students) would like to write to an aged care facility AND another year 9 class;
3. Year 11 French class (14 students) would like to write to another high school French class AND French speaking residents in aged care facilities.;
4. Our whole school would like to participate (350 students) on a scheduled kindness day. 

- You can find out more information about each experience (aged care v school) in our brochure attached. 


Click here for a brochure with more detailed explanation of the process. 


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As well as participating in the letterbox project, we provide resources and material to help you get started and share within your community, including user guide, certificate of appreciation, welcome letter, marketing copy, social media tiles, images .


There is an administration fee of $500 per school. This gives unlimited participation for unlimited classes and students within a school, this allows our team to be skilled and deliver the best experience to schools possible. We do have a concession for small schools and schools located in low-socioeconomic areas.

The process to get started is very simple. 
Once registered, we connect with you to find out your goals and aspirations for the program and plan your tailored school participation. We also send through a Welcome Pack with a User Manual, Certificate of Appreciation, Welcome Letter, Guide to Writing Letters, and marketing material including social media tiles, images, copy. 

There is then a two week period for our team to liaise and match, and then we send you through your first round of recipients to get started writing!

You can continue adding more students and classes throughout the year. 


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