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Tetley Tea has been bringing warm and comforting tea blends to the world since 1837 when the Tetley Brothers began trading tea in the United Kingdom. Now the second largest manufacturer of tea in the world, with tea enjoyed in around 40 countries. Tetley strives towards creating not merely the perfect brew but also a sustainable environment and better lives for all.

Tetley is one of the founding members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, committed to improve the conditions of farmers growing our tea around the world. Tetley is also part of the Rainforest Alliance a non-profit organisation that aims at conserving the biodiversity and ensuring a sustainable livelihood.

We are thrilled to announce Tetley Tea as our major partner for 2021.

Tetley Tea have helped our Letterbox Project grow into a national service connecting tens of thousands of people.

We’re continually humbled and amazed by the support we’ve received from our letter writers who want to make difference. A handwritten letter takes time, thought and care - a beautiful gift that helps someone feel visible, valued and connected.

We now have over 15,000 writers, 450 schools and multiple national corporations participating. 

On average, more than 500 letters are being sent each week to people in nursing homes, disability services, schools and lonely, isolated people across Australia.

What have they helped us achieve?

Tetley is passionate about creating a tea for everyone, as just like The Letterbox Project, they love creating sharing occasions where everyone can connect over a cuppa.

Tetley believes that the exponential growth of The Letterbox Project proves that despite COVID restrictions, there is an enormous appetite for social connection that aligns with Tetley’s core values and mission.

“We are so proud to be partnering with a foundation that highlights the importance of reaching out and communicating with others who might be going through a challenging time”.

“The Letterbox Project connects those who might be lonely or isolated, and provides them with a conversation and kinship, something we think is so important and pairs perfectly with a cup of tea. We can't wait to spread the word about this amazing initiative and see what this partnership between Tetley Australia and The Letterbox Project will bring,”
Kleanthis Mantzouranis, Senior Brand Manager

If you haven't tried their tea yet, now is the time! 

There is nothing better than sitting down with a nice warm cup of tea, even better if it is to read a letter from a penpal. 

Support the brands that support Australia. 

Support the brands that support Australia

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