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Steph Geddes – nutritionist, author, public speaker, recipe creator. 

We love to find and showcase services and people who we think will benefit our community.

Our community is very diverse, and we have a lot of people in vulnerable populations including seniors, people with disabilities and chronic health conditions. So, we work hard to try and always deliver helpful, healthy information and messages. 

Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of a happy life, it is so important to nurture our mind and bodies, so we are thrilled to be sharing this blog with you all about the wonderful Steph Geddes.  

Steph is a registered nutritionist, author of Body Good Diary, founder of Body Good Food, co-founder of Linked Training Studio in Melbourne, recipe developer and public speaker. 

She is one unbelievably talented woman and she has generously donated some videos and recipes of how to cook healthy, balanced meals that we can share with you.

Steph’s philosophy and mission is to help people experience the powerful effects of nutrition and realise how just eating food that is good for the body can make a significant difference to someone's life. 

She works with individuals, brands, products and businesses to provide nutrition advice, create content and run workshops and programs around whole food nutrition.

Steph is skilled, experienced, motivated, and wonderfully generous and we know you will love these meals and recipes. She is someone we follow closely for tips and advice, so if you would like to follow her as well you can Instagram @nutritionist_stephgeddes