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How it works

Individuals, families, schools, community groups and businesses can register to write a letter to someone in our community that is isolated, lonely and vulnerable.

The Process

  1. Register to write a letter using the form below. You will receive a welcome email from our team confirming your registration.
  2. Our team will allocate you a recipient and you will receive a nomination email with some non-identifiable information about the recipient. For example: "Jack 97, lives alone in Victoria with his best friend Sparky the Jack Russell. Jack enjoys fishing, watching the cricket, and spending time with his family."
  3. After you write your letter, post it to our team, and we will send it to the recipient. You will receive feedback and notifications about your letter along the way!

Please note: There is currently a waiting list to write letters. We encourage you to register now, and we will contact you with your nominated recipient when we reach your place in the list.

Watch this video to see the impact our letters are having on people across the country

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