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A little something
about brain elasticity

We all have the power to change our brain for the better. Neuroscientist, author and “father of brain plasticity” Dr Michael Merzenich shares his top tips

May Competition

Warmer Weather

This might be an obscure competition this month, but one that I really wanted to share. 

The competition this month is to sit quietly for a moment and think of the change in weather. We are heading into the very cold months of the year, and while most of us are able to get warm and cosy with fireplaces and warm blankets, there are some who are not as fortunate. 

The idea for this challenge came to me last week as I was walking with my family around a river on a lovely, chilly Saturday morning. We walked past a 'campsite' where a man had set up a camp using tarps and ropes to create shelter, he had selected a spot near a bbq and in a fairly private area of river, so at a glance it was an impressive set-up, but in reality he was homeless and trying to create the best shelter he could in the cold weather. I imagined how he will feel as weeks go on and we get into the icy months. 

So the competition:

1. Sit quietly for a moment and think about the cooler weather and who might not be as fortunate, whether it is someone without a home, animals at a shelter, immunocompromised people who cant afford to catch colds. 

2, Think about one thing you could do to help someone.  It might be dropping off old blankets to an animal shelter, donating to a homeless support charity or better yet, going and donating to someone in you local area. 

3. Go and do that thing!

4. Send us an email with the recount, or explanation of what you did. Sent to support@connectedau.com.au and make sure you use the title 'VIP competition'

We will select a winner and send out another incredible prize box, featuring stationery, a book, letterbox t-shirt and more. 

April Challenge 

Challenge yourself -the slow return challenge

We find ourselves always rushing to trop to and from a destination so here is the challenge for you this month... the slow return challenge.

You might do this on your way back from the shops or a friend’s house if you aren't able to stretch your wings further this month but even in your own neighbourhood you will find that habit and efficiency dictate your moves.

So, get wherever it is you are going as you would, but on your way back, choose the slowest possible transport and way of returning. this might mean extra flights and stop overs - make the most of them and see what you can see in that time. it might mean taking the ferry and the bus, or the train or walking. It might mean going through towns you've not yet seen and finding the best meat pie on the way. Or it might be as simple as walking a different way back to your room in the building you live. Slow down, see things. 

You never know what you might come across and I guess the curiosity will lead you on a bit of an adventure.

Fun Resources

This is where we share lots of brilliant things we have found to keep you entertained, fulfilled and inspired for the month. 

This section of the members area is where we share lots of brilliant things we have found to keep you entertained and fulfilled for the month. 
We don't expect you to get to it straight away, or even get to it all! You can re-visit this section anytime throughout the month to explore. 

If you have anything you think the club would love, send it through and we can share it with everyone. 

Fun for the month

In Less, an unforgettable comic novel, we meet Arthur Less, an aging writer embarking on a madcap global adventure in an effort to outrun heartbreak. Less’ travels take him everywhere from Berlin to Paris, a ski chalet in Morocco to a Christian writing retreat in Southern India, all of it a sparkling satire of Americans abroad, as well as a bittersweet travelogue of the heart’s vagaries. Greer masterfully blends absurdity, heartache, and pure, unfettered, laugh-out-loud joy, proving definitively that yes, literary novels can have happy endings. 

A book to read

A brilliant board game

This is a family favourite for both children and adults and it's one of those games that changes considerably depending on the number of players, so it stays good and fresh.  Can't recommend it highly enough!  A lot of strategy and fun!

A great podcast

Yes, it’s the brand-new podcast from the UK's top travel magazine!

Destinations included so far are AlUla, Malta, Brazil, Easter Island and the Colorado Rockies.

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Colouring #1


Colouring #2

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Muster Dogs

Apple TV


Curious Kids Podcast

Our Lego Stories Podcast 

Lego World of Fun Bricks

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