The Letterbox Project


please check you junk and promotions folders, if you cannot find the email please contact us on

Please do not include your last name, address, social media contacts, not contain requests or suggestions for contact outside our system, abusive language 

Most of our writers start by introducing themselves and talk about their life experiences ie travel, children, employment field and hobbies. Followed by asking the recipient questions about their interests.

Just email us at and explain that you would like a different match. To avoid this, please explain what type of pen pal you are looking for when you complete the form. 

Try and remember that loneliness and isolation is a widespread issue, there are certain demographics like seniors and people with disabilities that do experience this more, but there are other demographics that just as equally need support. 

Try and understand that everyone who signs up to be a penpal wants connection. 

Most pen pals want to continue writing, but some of our recipients who are more vulnerable may not be able to write back. We will let you know if this happens and match you with someone else. 

When we receive your letter, we will send you an email notifying you, sometimes this email can go to the junk or promotions folder.

The wait list is quite long, there is an average wait time of 4 - 6 weeks. 

The special part of this program is that the letters are tangible, sent in the post. Please take your time and post your letter when it is safe to do so.

Yes, you can email us and we can match you with another pen pal.