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Gardening Group

Grow your way to happiness. 

Our Garden Group is a community. A place for people who adore plants, gardens, colour and beauty. For gardeners of all ages and interests, whether you’d like to grow the tastiest veggies, bring to life an ornamental garden or transform a bleak balcony into a cheerful wave of colour. 

It is simply a place of joy and gentle learning, celebrating flowers and gardens. Being able to enjoy conversations with some other people who grow and how they grow and what lights them up. Membership gives access to an exclusive community area, weekly newsletters, group chat, resources and guides, and an end of month meeting. 

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Gardening Group

What exactly happens in the Gardening Group?

Each month we select a new gardening topic (this month is composting!) and throughout the month we enjoy learning and exploring the new topic

Our program manager Charlotte walks us through the month with a beautifully curated private members area, weekly newsletters, lots of resources, guides, garden tours and group chat.

And at the end of the month we all log on to a virtual end-of-month meeting where we can connect, chat and enjoy the group.

The best part is that you can enjoy it all from your own home.

Topic of the month

Every month we select a new gardening topic. (This month is composting, we have indoor plants and vertical gardens coming up in August and September!) Charlotte walks us through the topic for the month with a beautiful private members area, weekly newsletters, lots of resources, guides, tours, and group chat. At the end of the month we finish with a virtual meeting. 

Members Area

When you join the Gardening Group, you will gain access to our private members area. This is a space that is carefully curated to provide resources, recommendations, engagement, excitement and fun on the monthly topic. 

Weekly Newsletters

Every Thursday your inbox will have mail!

Our weekly newsletter is sure to make you think, give you a laugh and inspire you to head outside with renewed vigour. Our program manager Charlotte devotes a great deal of time and care into writing these newsletters and they are a joy to receive.

Founder Mea seated amongst flowers holding a book

Group Chat

This is where you can connect, discuss the topic, chat about gardens, share photos and stories and enjoy the community.

End of month live meeting

On the last Saturday of every month members from across Australia log on to our end-of-month virtual meeting, this is a relaxed and fun time to catch up and chat about the month. Usually we do an activity or Charlotte does a 'how-to' for us. This month she is making a small backyard worm farm! Members can get really involved in the chat and banter, or can just watch and enjoy listening to the group. 

Letter and photos of garden with packet of seeds sent to one of our recipients

Who is in the group?

Our Garden Group is made up of members from across Australia who want to share their love of gardening in a safe, positive and easy-going way. Some of the biggest groups are rural women on properties who find it hard to get into town and who husbands might not be the best conversationalists on gardens! Mothers with young children who find it hard together out and want to enjoy a fun group from the cosiness of their own home. And women who lead busy lives and run out of energy by the weekend and just want to find fun at home. 
Founder Mea seated amongst flowers holding a book

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