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Book Club

Read your way to happiness.

Our online Book Club is a community. It is the perfect place for people who love to relish in beautiful novels, whether you are an avid reader, leisure reader, or someone who simply enjoys sitting with a book for a little while. 

Monthly membership gives you access to our exclusive community area, weekly newsletters and resources, an end of month virtual club meeting and special guests. The club allows you to immerse yourself in a community from the cosiness of your own home. 

Share you love of reading with others, let some magic into your life and light up your pages.

Membership is only $15 per month.

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Book Club

how does the book club work?

Our Book Club is entirely online, which means you can immerse in it all from the warmth and cosiness of your own home.

Subscribing gives access to an exclusive, beautifully curated private members area. 

At the start of the month we announce a new book, engaging and interacting as we all soak in the new novel throughout the month. 

At 7:30pm on the last Friday of the month we all log on virtually from across the country to discuss the book, laugh and connect.

Book of the month

Each month we select a new book to read.

Throughout the month we explore the book in our private members area, newsletters, group chat and our end of month meeting. We select a variety of genres and themes, the aim is to encourage members to read books that they normally may not reach for, this leads to great discussions in the meetings and ensures we cover everyones tastes. 

Members Area

Member's gain access to a beautifully curated private members area. Inside this members area we announce the monthly book, host the group chat and share resources, recommendations, engagement, excitement and fun for each new month.

End of month online meeting

At the end of the month we host our online book club meeting. Members from across the country log in and we chat about the book, laugh and connect. Members can get really involved in the talking points on the book, or can sit back and listen and enjoy the dialogue, it is a relaxed and fun Friday night atmosphere. 

Founder Mea seated amongst flowers holding a book

Weekly Newsletters

Every Monday your inbox will have mail.

We send our weekly newsletter out every Monday and it is sure to make you think, give you a laugh and inspire you to pick up a book. Our program manager Charlotte devotes a great deal of time and care into writing these newsletters and they are a joy to receive.

Group Chat

This is where we connect, discuss the book and experience how wonderful it feels to share a love of reading. 

Special Guests

Some months, as an extra special feature, we invite special guests into our book club. We read their book for the month, and then they join us for the end of month meeting to discuss it. In August our special guest is Samantha Wills, you will need to join the club to find out more!

Letter and photos of garden with packet of seeds sent to one of our recipients

Who is in the club?

This Book Club is for people who want to share their love of reading in a positive, easy going community from their own home. It is made up of people from across Australia that want to find connection in a positive, managed and fun way from their own home. 


Emma 34 "This club has been so refreshing! I am a mum of 3 children under 6 and over the last 6 years have found it harder and harder to get out and be social. I have found my social life and friendship group has really changed over the last few years and have been feeling pretty lonely. The Club has given me a fun social group and I don't have to leave the house!"

Lopa 29 "I love reading, but over the last few years have felt uninterested in reading, particularly during Covid. I just lost motivation and have been feeling fairly down in general. This Club is amazing because it motivates me to get back into reading, I know there are other members reading and it feels like I have company. The end of month meeting is so much fun, I love that it is on a Friday night and I can feel social and enjoy a wine or tea and chat about the book, but I don't have to go anywhere."

Founder Mea seated amongst flowers holding a book

Come and join us!

The club is just for you.

Just for fun.