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what exactly is our online social club??

This club is designed to be a safe, fun and positive online community for anyone feeling isolated, disconnected, lonely, or anyone who wants a little extra JOY in their life.

The club is a relaxed, casual and safe way for people from all over Australia to find connection and community in a convenient way

With virtual coffee catch ups, end of month meetings, newsletters and resources, there is something for everyone.

Topic of the month

Our Social Club does not have a hobby or 'interest', it is simply a place to connect and find friendship and engagement. We do choose themes each month for some extra fun and to stimulate great conversation. 

Members Area and Group Chat

Membership gives immediate access to a private members area. This is filled with fresh content each month for you to enjoy. If our theme is movies, the content will be things like recommended movie lists, trailers of our top 5 movies, trivia and games about movies, you get the idea!

The members area is also the place for our group chat, this is a fun chat that members can pop in and out of throughout the month. 

Weekly Newsletters

Every Thursday your inbox will have mail!

Our weekly newsletter is sure to make you think, give you a laugh and inspire you to live life to the fullest with renewed vigour. Our program manager Charlotte devotes a great deal of time and care into writing these newsletters and they are a joy to receive.

Founder Mea seated amongst flowers holding a book

Thursday Coffee Catchup 

Every Thursday afternoon like clockwork we have a virtual coffee catchup.

Our team log on to zoom for two hours and members can pop in and out if they want. Whether it is logging in for 5 minutes to say hello, or staying and chatting for hours, it is flexible and casual. 

This coffee date quickly becomes a staple in members lives, a great chance to connect and engage and feel connected. 

End of month meeting

Our end of month meeting is hosted on Zoom on the last Friday of the month. 6pm, so the perfect time to unwind, relax and chat about the month.

The meeting is relaxed and fun and another great way to feel social and connected from your own home. 

Letter and photos of garden with packet of seeds sent to one of our recipients


"I have been feeling isolated now for a while, being home with the kids, not seeing many adults during the week was getting me down. This social club is perfect because I can socialise, have coffee catchups and Friday night wines, but I don't have to leave home." 

Sarah 32

"I have lived and worked on our farm for over 30 years, my husband and I are so close and we enjoy working together, but for some time I have been wanting more social connection. Being out of town (95km) makes it hard to join in a lot of social events, or even just to pop over to someone house for afternoon tea. This club is the best fun, I can connect, be social and make friends all from home."

Pat 56

"The meetings at the end of the month are my favourite, its great to just log on and find friendly people to chat to. I love the themes, last month was paining so we all tried to do some watercolour when we were chatting. I like that the themes change and its always something different and interesting. This has really boosted my moral and social confidence"

Michael 34

Founder Mea seated amongst flowers holding a book

Come and join us!

The club is just for you.

Just for fun.