feel connected in our online hobby groups.


Grow, read, cook your way to happiness. 

Our online hobby groups are just like traditional hobby groups. You make friends, enjoy themes and topics, newsletters, resources and meetings. We have just tweaked it little bit and bought the groups entirely online. So people anywhere in Australia can join.

Whether you love books, gardening, cooking or just socialising, you will find your community here.

Monthly membership provides:

  • Access to a beautifully curated private community area
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Engaging group chat
  • Resources, video and articles
  • End of month live meeting
  • Special guests

Only $15 per month. You can cancel any time.

Join. Immerse. Enjoy. 

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Book Club

Book Club

Read your way to happiness.

Our online Book Club is a community. It is the perfect place for people who love to relish in beautiful novels, whether you are an avid reader or leisure reader. 

Monthly membership gives you access to our exclusive community area, weekly newsletters and resources, an end of month virtual club meeting and special guests. The club allows you to immerse yourself in a community from the cosiness of your own home. 

Share you love of reading with others, let some magic into your life and light up your pages.

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Cooking Club

Cooking Club

Cooking teacher Julia Child said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

If you find joy in cooking and are looking for meaningful connection our online Cooking Club is the perfect place for you. It’s a safe and beautifully inclusive space, where a range of tasty cuisines, styles and flavours are explored every month through group chats, emails, newsletters and a virtual club meeting.

Gather your chopping board, dig out your recipes and pull on your apron – what could be nicer than sharing your love of cooking? 

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Gardening Group

Gardening Group

Grow your way to happiness. 

Our Garden Group is a community. A place for people who adore plants, gardens, colour and beauty. For gardeners of all ages and interests, whether you’d like to grow the tastiest veggies, bring to life an ornamental garden, transform a bleak balcony into a cheerful wave of colour or get started on your very first garden. 

It is simply a place of joy and gentle learning, celebrating flowers and gardens. Being able to enjoy conversations with some other people who grow and how they grow and what lights them up. Membership gives access to an exclusive community area, weekly newsletters, group chat, resources and guides, and an end of month meeting. 

Join. Immerse. Enjoy 

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“The Cooking Club has been a refreshing experience! My husband bought me a yearly membership (he must have been getting tired of listening to me chat about cooking!) I have done lots of courses before and workshops, and didn't really find them very fun or engaging, but this is so so different.

This has a little learning, but it is mostly just about the community. About sharing a love of food and cooking, sharing recipes, connecting with people all over the country and just having fun. The monthly meeting for me is a highlight. This month we all logged on and cooked in our own kitchens and had the pleasure of having Sophie Hansen as a special guest. I had so much fun.”

Mary 72

Kate 32

“I decided to join the gardening group as I have been feeling a bit isolated over the last year and I thought this would be a way for me to feel part of a community.

I love that everyone has a shared love of gardening, but that it’s also more than that, it’s a real community.

I feel like it’s a great way for me, and anyone, to use technology to our advantage and to find our people".

Founder Mea seated amongst flowers holding a book