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Theme for the month

"Street gardening is creating a garden in a public space (often by a resident outside their home) combining site awareness, observation and immersion with a particularly determined, generous, positive and community-centred mindset." 

Did you know that in Melbourne, more than a third of all public green space is nature strips?  That's quite something if you think about it and if looked at in a positive light, there is very real potential for the environmental and social benefits of gardens and gardening to have a profound effect on the wellbeing of cities and all things within them. 

The best place to start is, of course, on your doorstep and in your local community and naturally, within local council constraints.  Sometimes this process can be slow and difficult but don't lose heart - every little bit counts and if you focus on what you CAN do, rather than some of the challenges and obstacles that will inevitably arise, then you will be so incredibly proud of the impacts and results.  

Scroll down for some more inspiration and information on Street Gardening to get yourself ready to make a big impact in your local area. 

with the weather turning into the perfect time to get out and get planting, we wanted to highlight what might be an untapped area to spread your green thumb goodness - the street.

Street gardening

We hope you enjoy creating a special space for your community!   Happy Gardening!

Challenge #1

share your knowledge

Gardening is something that requires a good amount of local knowledge and this month our challenge for your is to share your some of your knowledge with someone in your local community.  This can, of course include your Connected AU community! 

It might be as simple as sharing the type of shrub that is hardy in a particular location, or the secret to seedling that take - whatever it is, your kind words and wisdom will make a positive impact and encourage everyone to get out into the garden and onto the street to enjoy the wonders of the plant world. 

Challenge #2


This challenge is a bit of a fun and something you can do quickly with your residents. This challenge curtesy of Annie Herron – the Timed Drawing Challenge.  

Try to tie this in with your garden theme if the weather is nice head out into your garden for this activity and have a go at some fast drawings of something that takes your fancy outdoors! If there weather isn't ideal, you can easily bring it inside. 

The time can be tailored to your group, so you can extend times as needed.
All you need is lots of paper, pens, a timer and some drawing ideas. Here are a few to get you started…”
Sit near your facility garden and pick out five items. Focus on each one and draw them within two minutes.
Shoes are the one article of clothing that retain the character of the wearer when they’ve taken them off – all other clothes just drop in an ambiguous pile. This means our shoes have a personality and life of their own and are great subjects for drawing. Note that leather shoes are more interesting to draw than sneakers! Look for buckles, laces or any interesting details. 
Look around and find a shelf with some different objects on it. Start the timer. Draw what you see, starting from the front and working towards the back. Don’t overthink it, just start drawing. 
Draw the view out of your nearest window. Start with whatever you see first (even the window frame), then draw in the next closest thing – maybe it’s a telegraph pole, a tree in the garden or something on the windowsill. Work back into the distance, making your lines lighter as you go to give visual perspective. If you have window panes, draw each pane as a separate picture. 


A cheaky romance and another from the same author - both of which came with positive vibes and reviews.

This section of the members area is where we share lots of brilliant things we have found to keep you entertained and fulfilled for the month. 
We don't expect you to get to it straight away, or even get to it all! You can re-visit this section anytime throughout the month to explore. 

If you have anything you think the club would love, send it through and we can share it with everyone. 

Top 4 recommendations by members this month

Fun for the month

Hellstrip Gardening by Evelyn Hadden, the author of the acclaimed Beautiful No-Mow Yards, is the first book to show you exactly how to reclaim this oft-ignored space. This comprehensive guide covers how to determine the city and Home Owner's Association rules governing the area, how to choose plants that thrive in tough situations, how to design pathways for accessibility, and much more. Gorgeous color photographs of hellstrip gardens across the country offer inspiration and visual guidance to anyone ready to tackle this final frontier. 

A book to read

A little blog to discover

The Heart Gardening Project is a community initiative bringing humans and nature together joyfully through street gardening. It’s pretty awesome. Their blog is full of wonderful information, tips and tricks so it's a great place to start.

Some helpful info and Links

Here is an article from ABC Everyday by Jane Canaway "What you can plant on nature strips in Australia (and how to do it)" 

What is and isn't allowed various enormously between councils so be sure to contact them to see what is possible.  Be aware that they may be better at informing you of what is not allowed and not as confident in providing information on what is possible.  This article is a great place to give you some direction and insight in to the movement and the councils that are making the most of the spaces they have. 

A movie for a bit of fun!

A Little Chaos

The Heart Gardening Project

Something to watch

read it here


Hellstrip Gardening - Create a Paradise Between the Sidewalk and the Curb
by Evelyn Hadden

2. Chinese Yu Xiang Eggplant Recipe

Recipes from
the garden