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For gardeners of all ages and interests, whether you’d like to grow the tastiest veggies, bring to life an ornamental garden or transform a bleak balcony into a cheerful wave of colour. 

It is simply a place of joy and gentle learning, celebrating flowers and gardens.

Being able to enjoy conversations with some other people who grow and how they grow and what lights them up.

Membership gives access to an exclusive community area, weekly newsletters, group chat, resources and guides, and an end of month meeting. 

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Membership is only $15 per month.

Our Garden Group is a community. A place for people who adore plants, gardens, colour and beauty. For

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Every month we select a new gardening topic. This month is composting, we have indoor plants and vertical gardens coming up in August and September!

Throughout the months we explore the topic in the beautiful private members area, weekly newsletters, resources, guides, tours, and group chat. 


Each month we select a new gardening topic (this month is composting!) and throughout the month we enjoy learning and exploring the new topic

Our program manager Charlotte walks us through the month with a beautifully curated private members area, weekly newsletters, lots of resources, guides, garden tours and group chat.

And at the end of the month we all log on to a virtual end-of-month meeting where we can connect, chat and enjoy the group.

The best part is that you can enjoy it all from your own home.

How does our garden club work?

Our garden club is hosted on our safe national platform providing members with a safe and secure way to enjoying their love of gardening with others.  

The centre of the club is our beautifully curated private members area. Inside this area we announce the monthly themes, host the group chat and share resources, recommendations, engagement, entertainment and fun for each new month.  

We post details about our special guests, share resources in advance of the meetings, and provide members with a beautiful, engaging space to feel connected and content. 

Members Area

On the last Saturday of the month we host our monthly meeting.

Members from across the country log on to enjoy gardening in company, some months we do practical activities like building worm farms, other months we simply enjoy discussions and conversations. 

The meeting is fun and entertaining, sharing laughs and banter with others and enjoying real, safe connection. 

Monthly meeting

Connected AU is an established national brand creating social impact in our Letterbox Project, in this we are lucky to enjoy wonderful relationships with  incredible Australian figures, including  many renown green thumbs. 

Every month we invite some of these incredible people to be special guests into our monthly meeting.  Sometimes our guests are professional, highly skilled gardeners, other months the guests are just amazing and fun people who log on to our meeting and have fun gardening with us.

The guests log on to the meeting and spend the hour with us, chatting and connecting. It is a real lift to spend the day at these events!

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