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This hub is the place for your to access our exciting and unique lifestyle programs, There are clear instructions below about how to access each program and integrate them into your facility. 

If you need any help or want to reach out, please do! We have a full-time program manager available to you all year. Her name is Karlie, and you can consider her your personal concierge for our lifestyle programs! No question or problem is too small, so don't hesitate to reach out. 

You can email support@connectedau.com.au or call 0481 139 332

On Demand LIfestyle programs

You have free, unlimited access to our Letterbox Project. This means you can participate as many times as you like, with as many residents as you like!

All you need to do is:
1. Complete this form anytime you want to arrange letters for your residents. 

Whether you arrange them monthly, weekly or for special occasions like Easter, Mothers Day or Christmas, all you need to do is jump on here and complete this easy online form.

We can arrange to have letters written to your residents by other aged care residents, by school children, by individuals in the community, or all of the above! 

1. Letterbox Project

Complete form

If you still have any trouble accessing clubs or any of the content inside, please reach out!

Book Club

Book Club

Cooking Club

Garden Club

Social Club

Click on any club to access. 

Each club has updated themes, content and guests each month that you can use for your lifestyle programs.. You will be given a virtual tutorial on how to integrate them into your facility, and you are welcome to reach out anytime if you need help - support@connectedau.com.au.  If your residents can access the clubs on an individual device CLICK HERE for instructions. 

2. Online Clubs

Each month we have 'end of month' events in our clubs, these events can be accessed individually, whether you have been using the clubs or not. 

All you need to do is decide what event to integrate into your facility, make sure you have the date and time, and then click the link to livestream. 

Cooking - May

Author Interview -  May

In their latest book, Around the Kitchen Table Sophie and Annie share all those bright and fabulous colours and skills in the kitchen and in the studio. They encourage us to all lean into a little creativity no matter how novice to become present and just enjoy time spent experimenting and creating - just for fun. As adults we can sometimes take life a little too seriously so here we have an invitation to be proud of a stick figure water colour and a cake that burnt a little in the oven if that's how things went down that day! More than anything, we hope that this month you find the time to enjoy trying something new and sharing it with someone that is special to you. 

Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Platform: Zoom

Grace D. Li grew up in Houston, Texas and is a graduate of Duke University, where she studied biology and creative writing. She currently attends medical school at Stanford University. 

Portrait of a Thief is her debut novel. It was inspired by the unresolved theft of Chinese artifacts and artworks from Western museums several years ago.   It has already been snatched up by Netflix to be turned into a mini series so be sure to read this fast-paced and addictive novel and join us as we speak to the author.

Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Platform: Zoom


'Portrait of a thief' BY grace d. li

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3. Events 

We are here to support you bring our lifestyle programs into your facilities, please reach out at any time. 

4. Activities

Every month we display activities that are purposefully designed for facilities to compliment the themes in our clubs. These can be done weekly or to fit in with your planning calendar..

Activity 1: Walking Group
Schedule a once-per week regular walk around the facility gardens or grounds.

How to do it: At the beginning of the month encourage residents to join the 'walking group', Select an appropriate day/time/place and tailor it to suit your facility and team. As the month progresses encourage more and more residents to join in. 

Activity 3: Music Quiz

Doing a music quiz can be a great way to trigger memories and reminiscence about a particular era. This can be tailored to your individual resident needs but generally, music is played out loud and residents take guesses at the song and singer.

If residents struggle to say or recall the name of the song, you could play musical bingo and provide words or images that are mentioned in the songs.

Activity 4: Meditation
Link this activity to the Garden Club. 

Inside the Garden Club is a 'challenge' the provides a link to a tranquil 'Soundscape' where residents sit in a quiet and comfortable place and listen to the soundscape. This is a very informal form of meditation and easy for all to do. 

The beauty of meditation is that it is easy to do and accessible for everyone. This activity could be particularly useful as an evening activity to help people wind down before bed.

Activity 2: Read aloud
Link this activity to the Book Club. 

Schedule a weekly reading session of the book 'I Catch Killers' by Gary Jubelin. Gather residents in a quiet space and allow each to read a section out of the book out loud.