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My love for good food and cooking developed at an early age, my siblings and I have my mother to thank for fostering this, as she gave us access to her kitchen freely. Managing this cooking club has given me a legitimate excuse to indulge in time spent cooking and enjoying good food. For new members keep an eye out for an email with a little more about me.

I will be live in the group chat every morning, so come and have your morning cup of tea with me if you can. Newsletters arrive each Monday so make sure you reach out if your email is filtering them. You are most welcome to email me anytime

Every month this members area is updated with our cooking theme, our special guest, and then a section of incredibly fun resources for you to explore for the month. Scroll down and explore!"


September 2021

Edwina Bartholomew is a full-time journalist and part-time farmer. You’ll find her on Australia’s number one breakfast show, Sunrise each morning. She has 20 years experience as a journalist and has travelled all over the world reporting on major breaking news stories. Edwina also recently hosted Channel Seven’s coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games.

Edwina also runs a luxury farm stay, Warramba in the Capertee Valley. Take a look at the Warramba instagram page for some inspiration and goals when this lockdown existence is over. 

Edwina B

This month our theme is all about food that you can prepare and deliver to the doors of friends and family - either in person or through the post. We all know that food comes from the heart and while we may not be able to share meals in person, we can still share through other means.

Hand written notes, a bunch of picked flowers, a jar of biscuits or some pantry staples - it is easy to show that you care and the benefits are for giver and receiver alike. The recipes this month are incredibly delicious and fun!

The end of month meeting will be another fun one as Edwina B will be logging in with us to cook. Our special guests are varied and fun, some months we have skilled cooks, others we have wonderful people coming in to bring some joy and fun. 

Treats to your door

'Treats to your door' with Edwina Bartholomew

Meeting Date: 25th September


Edwina will be logging in to our end of month event to have some fun cooking with us all! going to show us one of her favourite recipes and spend the hour chatting and connecting. How exciting is that?!

Books to give you inspiration

Social media accounts to follow

Special Delivery, Annabelle Crabb & Wendy Sharpe

Annabel Crabb is one of Australia's favourite journalists with a wicked sense of humour. Here she and childhood friend Wendy Sharpe have complied a selection of foods that were part of the political cooking show Kitchen Cabinet, as well as many others ideally suited to make and take to your loved ones. Transport instructions included.


3. Christobel's Spiced nuts from Annabel Crabb & Wendy Sharpe's Cookbook Special Delivery



Edwina Bartholomew is a friendly face that we all know and love and at the end of this month she will be joining us with her favourite recipe to share with friends. Her warramba property is picturesque and her daughter is ridiculously cute. Get to know the star before you meet her in the kitchen.

If you didn't know that Annabel Crabb is a fabulous cook then you are in for a treat. Here entire ethos around food is that it is to be shared in good faith, with good vibes and a great deal of humour. It seems fitting that we feature her work here at Connected AU this month. A thought provoking and entertaining account with plenty of good leads.

Seasonal foods:

Asparagus, leeks, Tuscan kale, spring onion, fennel, celery, coriander, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, snow peas, green beans, carrots, mushrooms, peas, artichoke, witlof.

Blood oranges, grapefruit, lemons, mandarins, oranges, pineapple, strawberries, tangelo, rhubarb.

4. Vanilla Fudge - This creamy classic is worth the effort, it keeps for months and can be sent to friends and family.

5. Jess’ granola - a seriously good breakfast with natural Greek yoghurt. Full of seeds, nuts and fruit.

6. Salted caramels - an addictive caramel treat to master the art of cooking sugar.

This resources section is designed to give you everything you will need for your month of cooking!
Recipes, social media accounts, books, videos, jokes and stories.

Monthly Resources

A Basket by the Door, Sophie Hansen

This month we will look at recipes that can be sent in the post as well as those that are great to be dropped at the door to spread cheer. Here at Connected AU we love the post and reaching out to others and this is what A Basket by the Door is all about - creating beautiful bundles to leave at someone’s doorstep – to show them you care.



1. Lemon Thyme Salt - A delicious flavouring you can send by post with plenty of variations.

2. Classic Nougat - There is something very special about nougat and it keeps for months!

7. Gourmet Cheese Crackers – A replica of those most delicious and hearty crackers for cheese platters.  


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