Cooking Club


No. You get to source all the ingredients you need from your favourite local supplier. 

The fee allows the club to have a dedicated full time program manager to ensure the club operates well and gives value to everyone in it! The fee also allows us to have the exclusive community area, the weekly newsletters, and host the monthly event - often with special guests.

We always ensure that we cater widely each month and have a range of recipes and foods available to have fun with. We also ensure we cater for dietary requirements like gluten free baking. The theme changes each month, so you are sure to enjoy most, if not all, of the themes! Feedback from members is that the themes are a brilliant motivational tool to get them to give some new recipes and techniques a go. We have had so many members so proud of their growing repertoires!

Sometimes our newsletters can go to spam or junk folders, so always check those! If you still have difficulty finding them then contact us and we can troubleshoot with you. We are here to help full time, so if you need any support just email

Absolutely not! The group chat is for members who want interactive chat and engagement, those who want to be enjoying conversation frequently. Members who do not join the chat still enjoy the most important part of the clubs. 

Each month we select a new cooking theme and enjoy experimenting with foods, recipes and techniques related to that theme. We release new recipes each week to members through the Members are and newsletters and enjoy sharing photos and feedback in our Group Chat. We also have special guests like Anneka Manning and Sophie Hansen, who help us learn and invite us into their kitchens to cook along at the end of month events.

Each month we select a new theme, they are varied and give members a wide and fun selection of cuisines and methods to try. Some recent themes we have enjoyed are 'the best of the best pies', 'sweet treats', 'Italian cooking' and 'warm winter eats'. 

All of our hobby groups are designed for people anywhere in Australia who want connection and friendship from their own homes. If you love good food or would like a bit of fun without the overwhelm of full meal planners or an entire cookbook to choose from then this is the place for you! It’s for those that would like bite-sized inspiration if you will. 

If you purchased a monthly membership you can cancel at any time by emailing If you purchased a yearly membership, you have a free trial period so that you know the group is right for you.


If you would like to join one of our programs but need a little extra help or advice you can contact us at any time. 

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