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September 2021

Michael Robotham

The first of a 'who done it?' series by Michael Robotham.

Joseph O'Loughlin appears to have the perfect life but that wouldn't make for a gripping tale now would it. Michael Robotham is going to have you reading late into the night with this, the first in a series that has quite literally taken the world by storm. With works translated into twenty-five different languages and the basis of films and television series, there is no doubt you will become captured. 

For those that want to continue on with the series in order, the titles include Lost/The Drowning Man; Shatter/The Sleep of Reason; Bleed for Me; The Wreckage; Say You're Sorry; Watching You; Close Your Eyes and The Other Wife. 
For those that are interested in his early work as a ghostwriter, you may like to look into Geri Halliwell, Rolf Harris, Lulu, Ricky Tomlinson or Tony Bullimore.  

If you would like to see the visual interpretation of his works, look for Oranges and Sunshine and The Secrets She Keeps.

'The Suspect'

'The Suspect' by Michael Robotham 

Meeting Date: 24th September 7:30pm

Michael Robotham was born in Australia in November 1960 and grew up in small country towns that had more dogs than people and more flies than dogs. He escaped in 1979 and became a cadet journalist on an afternoon newspaper in Sydney. For the next fourteen years he wrote for newspapers and magazines in Australia, Britain and America.

In 1993 he quit journalism to become a ghostwriter, collaborating with politicians, pop stars, psychologists, adventurers and showbusiness personalities to write their autobiographies. Twelve of these non-fiction titles were bestsellers with combined sales of more than 2 million copies.

His partially completed first novel, a psychological thriller called THE SUSPECT, caused a bidding war at the London Book Fair in 2002. Soon afterwards it was chosen by the world’s largest consortium of book clubs as only the fifth “International Book of the Month”, making it the top recommendation to 28 million book club members in fifteen countries. 

Michael’s novels have since been translated into 25 languages and have won or been shortlisted for numerous awards.

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'Train Dreams' by Denis Johnson. 

This novella quickly steals the reader away and through the life of character Robert Grainer from birth to death with the touch stone of a cabin in the woods. A short but sweeping third-person historical novel, we are drawn to the medial and modest life through Johnson's poetic and deeply considered writing. 

"I worked on a peak outside Bisbee, Arizona, where we were only eleven or twelve miles from the sun. It was a hundred and sixteen degrees on the thermometer, and every degree was a foot long. And that was in the shade. And there weren't no shade."

The denouement is carefully crafted and I am sure you will admit that the theme of questioning pioneer sensibility is relevant still today. 

Michael Robotham Author Interview

Crime by the book

Reading Books

Abby is a cool bespectacled chick that just loves reading crime. Her account is full of spoiler-free reviews and her chats with authors for new release novels are brilliant. If you are into the odd thriller then this is an insta page for you. 

Their insta stories are reviews, their images often quirky and unique and their lists of recommendations carefully curated. Readings books is an independent Australian bookseller where all genres are celebrated in style and critiqued with considered flare. 



If you are a speed reader and finish our monthly book quickly, or if this months book doesn't sound like your cup of tea, don't worry! We still have you covered.

This is an ever-growing collection of recommendations from members, guests, friends and family. We have not read every single book, this is our 'library' where we store books we want to read, that others truly love, and that you may find joy in reading. 

Take your pick, read as many or as little as you want each month, and then join us for the end of month meeting. 

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"Thrilling book, I couldn't put it down."

"A true story spanning 4 generations China, Hong Kong and Australia."

"Inspirational story, applicable to all areas of life and will leave you feeling energised and inspired."

"A brilliant book, well written, witty and fun"

"Such an interesting story, I was continually suprised and intrigued the whole way"

"Seartwarming, happy, sad, inspiring, interesting, fun. Well worth a read!"

"Set in The Grampians it is disturbing but so amazing it is one that has stayed with me." 

"Had me hooked from the get-go. If you like a good mystery thriller."

"A really fascinating memoir. I thoroughly enjoyed this book."

"Another fascinating memoir and a brilliant choice for an audiobook"

Click the link below to watch Michael Robotham as he talks about how his childhood and early days as a journalist in Europe shaped his current works.

You can see emotion as he shares the reason behind his move away from journalism and speaks about his father and his motivation to write. It is fascinating to see the gentle and kind nature of the man behind the novels that you just won't be able to put down. 

Enjoy these two author interviews for the month of September.

Our short read is for those speed reading members who finish the first book and want more, and is for new members who join late in the month and don't have time to dive into the main read.

Denis Johnson, while being one of America's greatest fiction writers, was not one to play the contemporary games of press and Twitter.

Here, in a rare interview published by the Yale Literary Magazine, we will learn a little bit more about the character of the writer himself and the way he goes about his work. Franky, forthcoming and (naturally) very well written.

Denis Johnson Author Interview


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