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Book of the Month

Not Just the Wife of the General Manager is a rollicking memoir of one woman’s life on outback cattle stations, and an homage to the many unsung women like her. 

It was the 1980s and Sally was in her early 20s when she returned from a backpacking sojourn and hitchhiked to Australia’s far north. But instead of moving back to Canberra as planned, she stayed. After marrying a cattle station manager, Sally lived and worked with him on various stations until she was 50, ingraining herself into the lives of the characters who inhabited these isolated places.

With wit and sass, Sally tells the story of how she was so much more than just a wife of a station manager (despite what some of the top end blokes thought). Among other things, she was a nurse (dealing with local accidents, assisting the Flying Doctor service and making emergency 400 km round trips through the outback with sick children), a mother (bringing up several children, not all her own), a travel agent, a social secretary, a host and an organiser (including of Kerry Packer’s New Year’s Eve parties).
This is a story about adventure, resilience, the unexpected journeys we need to go on to find ourselves, and having the courage to do something for yourself. In Sally's words: 'Life’s like that, fellas. You may spend a lifetime trying to find yourself but, at the end of the day, you've been there all along.'

Not Just the Wife of the General Manager - Life in the Outback and a Whole Lot More by sally warriner

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Special Guest

sally warriner

We are so lucky to have Sally joining our monthly event so be sure to tune in!

Come the end of the month Sally Warriner will, naturally need no introduction! With a breadth of experience that spans working for Medecins sans Frontieres to attending plane crashes in the Northern Territory, Sally brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the Raindrum team. She has seen both the devastating health effects of poverty and malnourishment, and those of diseases of affluence including addictions, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Sally gained her nursing degree at Canberra Hospital in 1972 and went on to train in accident and emergency and intensive care departments in London hospitals.

She returned to Australia in 1975 to take up a position as a Registered Nurse at Broome Hospital, in Western Australia, focussing on obstetrics and paediatrics. However, always possessed of an adventurous spirit, she soon took a role as a Registered Nurse with the Northern Territory Health Department, with the responsibility of running a clinic based on a large cattle property. The position saw the start of a challenging, 20-year bush career during which she also worked alongside her husband to manage a large cattle breeding operation. Not only did Sally often drive hours to find a patient, she attended plane crashes, road accidents and other traumatic as well as everyday medical events. 

 After a brief spate at Mater Private Hospital in Brisbane, adventure again beckoned for Sally who, in 2005 after completing special training, worked at a refugee camp in Sierra Leone for Medecins sans Frontieres. Part of her remit was to set up a pharmacy building that catered for three camps, or about 15,000 refugees. In 2006, Sally went on to work as the Nurse Supervisor of an in-patient facility in South Sudan, responsible for the day-to-day administration of the hospital, and treatment of patients with diseases ranging from malaria to TB and leprosy. Three years later, she could be found in the emergency room of hospital in Bhutan, where she also volunteered with an organisation providing refuge to those suffering from domestic violence.


Event Details

All you need to do is log on at the event time and enjoy the connection and fun!  

You will get the chance to ask questions if you would like, or you can simply watch and enjoy the author interview. 

Date: 29th of June
Time: 7:30pm
Platform: Zoom

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The Challenge

This month we are going to have a bit of fun with the 'share a yarn' challenge.

Without telling any spoilers, there are a few stories in Not Just the Wife of the General Manager that remind of a few incidents in my own childhood...

Following from this month's book, where we get to hear the thrilling stories of Sally Warriner, we thought it might be fun if we ALL took a leaf out of her book and did a little sharing ourselves. This is just meant for fun, and a way for us to share a little about ourselves. Think 'a story that is fit for a campfire'. It might be a story from childhood, a thrilling travel adventure, a family memory, or a funny story to have us all belly laughing!

For our members in the community, feel free to share your story in our Group Chat on Telegram or with the group by emailing us at charlotte@connectedau.com. Or, if you want to make it really authentic, you might like to make a short audio!

For groups and facilities, there is more information on how to do this as a group on the printable at the bottom of this page!

Resources  &   Highlights

A cheaky romance and another from the same author - both of which came with positive vibes and reviews.

This section of the members area is where we share lots of brilliant things we have found to keep you entertained and fulfilled for the month. 
We don't expect you to get to it straight away, or even get to it all! You can re-visit this section anytime throughout the month to explore. 

If you have anything you think the club would love, send it through and we can share it with everyone. 

Top 4 recommendations by members this month

Fun for the month

Everything I Never Told you continues the exploration of Chienese-American identity & Everyone In My Family has Killed Someone is highly recommended!

Top 4 recommendations by members this month

Exile and Lost Without You are new books selected by our wonderful members to add to their TBR piles.

A cheaky romance and another from the same author - both of which came with positive vibes and reviews.

Top 4 recommendations by members this month

The Lies We Tell by Katie Zhao
Siren Queen by Nghi Vo, 

 Recommendations from author
Grace D Li 

The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix
Lies We Sing to the Sea by Sarah Underwood

Something to watch

Based on the legendary true story of the Red Dog who united a disparate local community while roaming the Australian outback in search of his long lost master, RED DOG is another outback story that you can't help but fall in love with.  

Something to
listen to

Connected Au has no political affiliation, stance or agenda, but we thought given we have a newly elected Prime Minister, that we might like to learn a little bit about his insteresting childhood.  This podcast The Private Life of Anthony Albanese from NO FILTER with Mia Freedman is not about politics, but a stroy of searching and journey and we very much hope you enjoy it.



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