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No, members must source the book of the month themselves. We post links to the most affordable hardcopy, audio and e-book versions, and we also secure discounts most months. We also share links to online libraries where members can borrow the book online, and we help members find local libraries.

The fee allows the club to have a dedicated full time program manager to ensure the club operates well and gives value to everyone in it! The fee also allows us to have the exclusive community area, the weekly newsletters, and host the monthly event - often with special guests.

Absolutely not! The group chat is for members who want interactive chat and engagement, those who want to be enjoying conversation frequently. Members who do not join the chat still enjoy the most important part of the clubs. 

Sometimes our newsletters can go to spam or junk folders, so always check those! If you still have difficulty finding them then contact us and we can troubleshoot with you. We are here to help full time, so if you need any support just email

Each month we announce our two new books – our book of the month and our short read. Members read one or both and share their thoughts along the way through the group chat. We touch base through newsletters each Monday and here you will find the odd treat to make to enjoy while you read as well as some reflections and talking points as the month and our reading progresses. In addition to these, we also enjoy lots of resources in the private members area like videos, author interviews, social media accounts, and a library of member recommendations.

At the end of the month, we hold our virtual event on a Friday evening. Here we all come together from across the country to share our thoughts around the talking points for the main read. Occasionally we will be graced with the presence of guest authors where our members will be given the unique opportunity to personally converse.

We select a variety of genres and themes to keep everyone entertained and engaged, it always results in great discussions and members being grateful for the choice of books.

All of our hobby groups are designed for people anywhere in Australia who want connection and friendship from their own homes. If you love a good read and would like to experience a variety of genres and the sense of satisfaction that comes from reading something that you may not have chosen for yourself, then I guarantee the Book Club will be perfect for you! 

If you purchased a monthly membership you can cancel at any time by emailing If you purchased a yearly membership, you have a free trial period so that you know the group is right for you.


If you would like to join one of our programs but need a little extra help or advice you can contact us at any time. 

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