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Our book club is hosted entirely online on our secure national platform (away from social media). This means you can enjoy it all from the warmth and cosiness of your own home and feel safe and connected.

Monthly membership gives you access to our exclusive community area, weekly newsletters and resources, an end of month virtual club event and special guests.

At 7:30pm on the last Friday of the month we all log on virtually from across Australia to chat about the book, laugh and connect. It is the perfect Friday night for bookworms.

Membership is only $15 per month.

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Each month we select a new book to read.

We select a variety of genres and themes with the aim to encourage members to read books that they normally may not reach for. This always leads to great discussions in the meetings and often members commenting how thankful they are to have found the books. 

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What books do we read?

Our Book Club is entirely online, which means your new community comes together from their homes located right across the country.  

Subscribing gives instant access to an exclusive community area hosted on our safe platform (away from social media), weekly newsletters, an optional interactive group chat app and monthly virtual events 

Our dedicated program manager Charlotte is available for full time support will help you get started using the members area, the group chat and entering the monthly meeting. 

How does our bookclub work?

Our book club is hosted on our secure national platform providing members with a safe way to connect with other book worms away from social media. 

The centre of the club is our beautifully curated private members area. Inside this area we announce the monthly book, host the group chat and share resources, recommendations, engagement, entertainment and fun for each new month.  

We post details about our special guests, share talking points in advance of the meetings, and provide members with a beautiful, engaging space to feel connected and content. 

Members Area

7:30pm on the last Friday of the month we host our monthly meeting.

Members from across the country log on to enjoy a lively conversation about the book and a relaxing Friday night event. 

Some members can get really involved in the talking points on the book, others sit back and listen and enjoy the dialogue. 

Monthly meeting

Connected AU is an established national brand creating social impact in our Letterbox Project. In this we are lucky to enjoy wonderful relationships with incredible Australian figures, including  many renown authors. 

Every few months we invite some of these incredible people to be special guests into our monthly meeting. We make sure to limit this so we don't disrupt the comfortable book club gathering where members feel free to discuss the book and engage, but when we do invite them in it is always a huge hit!

Our current guest is Michael Robotham, an Australian author with a world-wide audience. His works have been translated into over 20 different languages and are the basis of films and television series. Michael's 2004 debut thriller, The Suspect, sold more than 1 million copies around the world and he is the only Australian to win the UK's prestigious Gold Dagger Award twice - for Good Girl, Bad Girl and Life or Death.

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