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Join our online Book Club and find friendship and fun from the comfort of your own home. Each month we read a compelling book, discuss and dissect it in our club chat and then gather at the end of the month for our online event.

The club also enjoys weekly newsletters, special guests, and a private Members Area filled with fantastic and fun resources. All of this away from social media.

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Get instant access to the book clubs private members area, filled each month with:

Members Area

Monthly book list
Special guests
And so much more to keep you entertained for the month. 

Watch the video to take a look at Janiary's members area!

Take a sneak peek at our group chat! The Book Club Group chat is the place where our members share book recommendations, reviews, photos, ask questions and debrief!

The chat is positive, fun and managed by the club manager so you know it is safe and monitored. 

Use the one month free trial to come in and check out the club, you have nothing to loose and a whole community to gain.

Group Chat


Monthly Event

At the end of every month our club comes together online to enjoy our Book Club monthly event. Very often we are graced with the company of the author as our special guest and our members are given the oppourtunity to personally speak to them about their work. These events are AMAZING.

Monthly events are hosted on zoom, and members can access with the click of one link! Most events are scheduled for the last Friday night of the month at 7:30pm. The perfect Friday night for any book lover!
The meetings are fun, positive, and quickly become the highlight of members calendars. 

Monthly Event

Watch this video made by a member to get a user-generated sneak peek of what the events are like!

Special guests

Here are just a few of our wonderful special guest authors with whom we have had the pleasure of spending a friday evening with. 

An online book club that is so unique, its been featured by

Kate 33

Jean 66

Emma 47

“I joined the book club for connection, I love the group chat where we can all talk about the book and share our thoughts, and I love the meeting at the end of the month where we all dissect the book! And I love that it is away from social media.”

“I have found so much motivation in this group. Motivation to read, to converse, to be social. I retired some time ago and was feeling fairly isolated and unmotivated in general. This has given me a real kick!”

"This club has been a breath of fresh air. I had cancelled social media, and was feeling a little disconnected and this club has really filled that gap, in such a positive and safe way. The club is supportive and positive and just doesn't have any of that negative social media baggage. And I love the books of course!"

Jinalli 77

“I love the diverse books that are chosen, many of them I would never have chosen to read personally and I have ended up LOVING them. So I am grateful that I get books chosen for me and then get to enjoy discussing them and my experience of reading them”



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