Aged Care Lifestyle Program

Our Lifestyle Program is an Australia wide platform where organisations and facilities can access and utilise our exciting and unique programs for their own programming and events.

Everything we deliver is inclusive, accessible, safe, and innovative, and we are ready to help you make a difference to the lives of your community.

This service is designed to help facilities plan, manage and deliver exciting, unique and innovative lifestyle programs. Watch the video below for a quick overview!

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Families & Staff access

Access to the Lifestyle Program not only includes residents, but it also includes staff and families.

Staff, of course, work tirelessly to support your community and we are thrilled that they can share in the programs while at the facility, but also on a personal level outside of work, ensuring they stay connected, visible and valued. 

We believe connection with family is one of the most important priorities for facilities and residents, which is why our Lifestyle Program includes families! This means if a family members lives on one side of the country, they can log on to the same event as their loved one in a facility on the other side of the country. Imagine your residents logging in to the event with Maggie Beer only to see their dear granddaughter, or son, logged on and chatting away as well! Real community connection is our priority and this is one of our favourite features.  Family access is managed through facilities. 

Why choose us

We see the genuine, life-changing impact our programs are making for people across the country and we want to help make this form of connection more accessible for every resident and client, receiving care in Australia. 
Our programs are established, interactive, inclusive, and are completely monitored and managed by our team, meaning you can outsource confidently. We regularly welcome special guests to our programs, so your clients may get to cook with Maggie Beer, or may get a handwritten letter from Samantha Wills, We deliver innovative preventative health programs and we look forward to working with you to bring our programs to life for your residents and community. 

Watch the video below for a quick overview of our platform, the tailored 'Facility Hub' - your one-stop shop where you can pick and choose each month from our selection of carefully planned and curated programs. There is no set way to use our platform, we understand each facility has unique needs and challenges and the platform is designed to let you customize your experience.

We also designed this platform to create real community connection and engagement. This is not a ‘seniors only channel’ where we ask you to plonk residents in front of a TV or device. Each of our programs are also delivered to the wider community, and each program encourages engagement and connection with others; whether the connection is through letters to the wider community, through interacting with special guests at our events, or within your own facility using our activities or clubs. We also facilitate staff and family connection, scroll down to see more!

The platform

Easy Onboarding

The process to access the program is simple. Once you are registered, we provide a 'Welcome Pack' that has everything you will need to get started, including:

  • access to the platform
  • user manual
  • welcome letter
  • certificate of appreciation
  • social media tiles, images and copy for you to share on your platforms
  • brochures and posters for you to share in facilities and within communities
  • and more

We then schedule a 15 minute online workshop with your team to show them how to use the platform, and then you can get started! Our staff are here full-time to support you for the rest of the year. 


Discounts apply for more than 10 facilities


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